Beticious has been closed on November,29.

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About your gift requests

All gift requests sent before November, 29, 2013 will be processed as usual, by email. Winners will have to send the required documentation before December, 5, 2013. Past the deadline, we will not send any gifts.

Once verified your account, you will receive your prize within 3 or 4 business days.

If you have any doubt about your gift request, please contact us by email at

Beticious in figures

  • 400,000 players in 3 years
  • 15,000 followers on social networks
  • €50,000 worth of prizes
  • 9.000.000 comments in the chat room
  • 21.000.000 bets placed, including 8.500.000 winning bets
  • 750.000.000.000 points bet on the website
  • More than 12,000 events each month in 22 different sports: soccer, tennis, basketball, indoor football, American football, horse racing, greyhounds, golf, volleyball, ice hockey, snooker, boxing…
  • Hundreds of LIVE bets with special bets each day
  • 180 millions of pageviews
  • Best bet ever: "Albitrex"  won 64,218,052 points in one bet
  • Worst bet ever: "lospibesdelpode11"  lost 38,800,000 points betting on Villarreal CF - FC Barcelona (odds 1.14)
  • WTF!! "Karjhy"  won 11,043,450 points betting 11,500 points on NFL (odds 960)

About us

In 2011, beticious founders decide to adapt the sports betting business model to social gaming and launch the first Spanish free sports betting community. In one year, the website grew to more than one million visits per month and enters English, French and Portuguese markets.

Since the beginning, priority has been given to the sports events offer and LIVE betting options. All efforts have been made to deliver a high-quality LIVE service, including a wide range of special betting options.

Three years after its creation, the website closes definitely. It has been a great experience for all the team and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Thank you to all of you!